Red baggage trolley
Portland Company
Baggage trailer
Secondary Use
Railway maintenance
Locomotives, RPOs, Baggage and Express
Retired from Service
Acquired by the Museum

Mousam River Railroad 8

From Sanford, Maine


The oldest express car in the Seashore collection is No. 8, one of two four wheel box trailers built in 1893 by the Portland Company, Maine's old time locomotive works, for the Mousam River Railroad, a predecessor of the Atlantic Shore Line Railway. Towed by regular passenger cars (similar to Manchester 60 and Boston 235 or 1059) between Sanford and Springvale, Maine, it carried express, baggage and the U.S. Mail until 1899 when combination cars were provided. Its sister car, No. 6, was scrapped shortly thereafter but No. 8 was retained by the Atlantic Shore Line and its successors, the Atlantic Shore Railway and the York Utilities Company, and was used at the Sanford carhouse as a movable shed for storage of small parts. It was acquired by the Museum in 1947. No. 8 has been restored by a grant from Yankee Magazine, which underwrote the stipend of a preservation student intern. His research uncovered original blueprints in the state archives. Historic Cars: The National Collection at the Seashore Trolley Museum by Ben Minnich

Technical Information

  • Control: None
  • Brakes: Hand
  • Compressor: None


  • Number: 1
  • Manufacturer: Portland

Weight and Dimensions

  • Length: 12’ 4.00"
  • Width: 7’
  • Height: 9’ 9.00"

Additional Images

Red baggage trolley in Sanford Maine
Hank Gibson in Ed Ramsdell Collection on 04/27/47
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